Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Whale Of A Trio

*Purchased by Me*

Today I have some adorable triplet nails with my main beeches Amber of NailsLikeLace and Mai of Mai Painted Nails!

I kind of suck, you guys. We actually posted this collaboration a week ago. I've been struggling to find the time and effort needed to keep up with this blog lately, so this comes super late, and I'm sorry for that.

In the meantime, let's get to the nails!

We settled on this adorable nautical pattern Amber found on a truly creepy doll. (Seriously, you're welcome for the nightmares.) I love that, as usual, we each managed to come up with something different from the same pattern. Be sure to check out my ladies for their interpretations!

Here are my nails on their own:

I started with a base of Sinful Colors' Enchanted, then used chevron nail vinyls and China Glaze's What a Pansy to add the stripes. I then sponged on one coat of Enchanted over the whole thing to soften the look a bit. The whales, anchor and speech bubble were done with acrylic paint and my favorite Winstonia brush.

I loved this pattern and the look I came up with, if not the creepy ass doll that inspired it. (Seriously. Shudders.) Thoughts?

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Happy Barrrrrthday Amy!

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Today I'm celebrating the birthday of a nail friend with a fun pirate mani!

Ms. Amy is a funny, sweet, supportive, and all-around badass lady who loves pirates. To celebrate, many of her nail friends got together and made some pirate-themed nails!

A total of fifty-five awesome ladies participated in this collaboration! Many thanks to Kristy for organizing it.

Here's my mani on its own:

For my pirate map design, I started with a white polish base (two coats of Wet N Wild French White Creme), then one coat of Fresh Paint's Coach Ella, a nude crelly. I then randomly sponged on Zoya's Codie and Emilia, and finished the base with one more coat of Coach Ella. I used Codie to paint the map design. When that was all done, I used my cleanup brush to create "tears" in the parchment by wiping off some of the polish. I finished everything off with matte top coat.

What do you think of my pirate map? I loved the end result, and the whole thing took about thirty-five minutes from start to finish. Can't beat that.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Karma Chameleon


Tonight I have a fun jungle-y skittlette to catch up on the April Untried Challenge!

I'm back! Did you miss me? I had a rough week, and paired with the fact that I had another project consuming all my time and energy, I wore my previous mani for eight days! That's a record for me by at least three days, so yay? But tonight I'm combining week 3's theme, family, with week 4's theme, tropical, to get current on the challenge. By the way, does anyone else find it ironic that I made this month's challenge a weekly one in order to scale back the pace, and still fell behind? Sigh.

Moving on!

I used a bunch of stuff for this mani, so let's break it down nail by nail. On my pinky, we have my typical texture bling, this time in the form of Zoya's Chita, one coat with no top coat. On my ring finger, I have two coats of Julie G's You-Niverse, my untried. You-Niverse is a very pretty bronze/green duochrome. I'll show you some more photos on Cindy in a bit. On my index and middle fingers, I started with a base of Julep's Adriana, a pale pistachio creme. I then stamped with Born Pretty plate BP-19 and Sinful Colors' Garden Party and Last Chance, varying the angle slightly to get a busy, jungle vines type of look. I then painted the chameleon and branch with acrylic paint, and filled in the chameleon with You-Niverse.

So what does this mani have to do with my challenge themes? Well, I'm going to be frank: if I have to explain the connection to "tropical," then I'm concerned about your lack of cognitive abilities and/or the number of times you were dropped on the head as a tiny baby.

As for family, that one is a bit more obscure. When I was in middle school, my mom went back to school to finish her bachelor's degree. One of her professors was going on a research trip for the summer, and needed someone to babysit his pet iguana, Lurch. (Yes, I'm aware that iguanas and chameleons are not the same lizard. And yes, I'm also aware that Lurch is an amazing name for a pet.) We spent (and by we, I mean mostly me, as was par for the course in our household re: the care of pets) three months taking care of Lurch. At the end of the summer, her professor failed to reimburse us as promised for the care of said iguana, despite high praise over how well we (and by we, I mean mostly thirteen-year-old me) took care of said iguana. I spent an awful lot of my babysitting money on lettuce and other fresh veggies for the little guy. Also, do you know how gross iguana poop is? Almost two decades later, I still feel a trace of resentment.

Despite all that, I still have quite fond memories of the little guy, and I begged my parents to let me have a lizard. They got me a guinea pig instead. Not really the same, but Willoughby was pretty darn cute anyway.

So there we have it. Okay, I admit, I wanted to paint a chameleon because (a) it seemed to go really well with You-Niverse as a theme, and (b) I had no idea what to do for "family," which happens way too often considering I pick the challenge themes at least 50% of the time. So I kind of stretched it a bit. Still, I absolutely love my little chameleon, and I love the overall design of the skittlette.

Oh, and check out You-Niverse on Cindy:


What are your thoughts on this mani? Tell me in the comments!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Happy Birthday Vanessa!

*Purchased by Me*

Tonight I'm celebrating the birthday of a dear friend, Miss Vanessa of Dream Polish!

Vanessa is the proprietress of Dream Polish, a line of scented nail care. I'm a big fan of her products, but I'm a bigger fan of Vanessa herself. She's funny, down-to-Earth, and generous. I'm glad to call her my friend. I am also lucky enough to have met her in real life, because she's a local:

Me and Vanessa after a polish shopping expedition!
So when I heard about a collaboration to celebrate Vanessa's birthday yesterday, I was all over that.

Many thanks to Shelsea for putting this collaboration together!

Here's the mani I came up with to celebrate Vanessa's big day:

I used all creme polishes on this one for the first time in seemingly forever. I do a lot of skittlettes, but I find I tend to use glitter, texture or holo in nearly every one. I wanted to challenge myself to come up with something visually interesting without using "special effect" polishes, and this was the result.

I used Julie G's Rio de Janeiro on my index and pinky, as well as in the dots and flower. I stamped the flower from MoYou London plate Explorer 03, then made a decal of it, filling it in with Rio de Janeiro, as well as Canary Islands and Miami Beach, also from Julie G, and Wet N Wild's Stand the Test of Lime. The black is Drip Drop Nail Paint's Yoga Pants, and the white is Drip Drop's Tighty Whities.

The only direction we were given for this collaboration was to make it colorful, and I think I succeeded with that. I also wanted to add some dots, even though it's arguably my least favorite technique, because it's actually Vanessa's favorite. Overall, I'm really pleased with how this turned out. I love the colors, the mix of patterns, and I think it's bright and festive enough for a birthday. Thoughts?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Guest Post From Amy of The Fancy Side!

You're in for a treat tonight! I have the first ever guest post on Amy Loves New Wave, from Amy Lee of The Fancy Side! Be sure to check out my guest post on her blog as well!


Hi Everyone! I know that today you were expecting Amy but instead you get Amy of The Fancy Side. ;-) We've pulled a switcharoo on you and are guest posting on each others blogs. Amy and I decided to do a Twins post for you, using the same inspiration. Amy picked out this adorable umbrella print and we were off and running.

I started off with a base of Serum No 5 Moonlight, a soft grey filled with the most beautiful shimmer. This was three thin coats, and I can't pick just one picture, so here's a bunch. ;-)

I then went in with several nail polishes to create the umbrellas and raindrops from the pattern. Polishes used include OPI's Amazon...Amazoff, How Great is Your Dane, My Boyfriend Scales Walls, My Dogsled is a Hybrid, Elevation Polish Bohai Sea, and Zoya Rocky.

Be sure to go check out Amy's version on my blog, The Fancy Side. Spoiler alert; HERS CONTAINS SO MUCH AWESOMENESS!

A big thanks to Amy for having me on her corner of the internet and thanks to all of you for letting me gate crash! 

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Come Again Some Other Day

*Purchased by Me*

Tonight I have an abstract April Showers skittlette for week two of the April Untried Challenge - spring!

Spring always makes me think of rain. Sure, I've lived in the desert for almost fifteen years now, and we're not likely to see any rain until July. But I grew up on the south shore of Long Island, in New York, and rain is par for the course there at this time of year.

Check out my take on April Showers:

I used a whole bunch of stuff, so I'll run through it nail by nail. On my pinky, I have two coats of Color Club's Harp On It. On my ring finger, I have two coats of China Glaze's One Track Mind topped with two coats of Tessellate by Jolie Polish, my untried. (Tessellate is named after the song by Ellie Goulding, but please tell me I'm not the only Tokyo Police Club fan out there who thinks of their sunny, poppy, utterly nerdy tune whenever I hear the word "tessellate.")

On my index and middle fingers, things get a little more complicated. I started with a coat of Zoya's Blu, then I Fairy Dusted that Shit!, then I stamped with One Track Mind and Born Pretty plate BP-10, then I Fairy Dusted that Shit again, then topped with two coats of a jelly I made by adding 6,497 drops of Color Club's Chelsea Girl to a clear polish. (It was actually more like 30, but I stopped counting after a while. So somewhere between 30 and 6,497.)

So at this point you may be asking, Amy, how does this relate to rain/spring/April Showers? Well, it's basically all in my mind. Silver = rain. The glitter over the midnight blue = rain. The swirls and loops of the paisley print = wind and rain. Plus, holo = rainbow!

And there we have it. Dubious connection to spring aside, I absolutely freaking love this mani and I never want to take it off. So there's that.

What are your thoughts? Tell me! I'm (quite obviously) bored out of my gourd and hopped up on too much caffeine.

  • Jolie Polish can be purchased here

Friday, April 10, 2015

Dazzle Glaze Glitter Gravel Collection - Review

*Press Sample*

Today I have the Glitter Gravel collection from Dazzle Glaze to share with you!

I was more excited than a chocoholic on Easter to learn that Candace was sending me four textured polishes to review. I mean, Dazzle Glaze + texture? Two of my favoritest things ever combined? And for me? Yes, please!

Let's dive right in:

First up is You're the Legend, a marsala red textured polish. You're the Legend has a frost finish and derives its texture mainly from the red micro glitters throughout. This was two coats without top coat. All the polishes in this collection had the same smooth, easy-to-apply formula, and they all dried quickly, which is optimal in a textured polish. This was also the least textured of the four polishes, however, so it was the least favorite of this texture fiend. I do love the color and the brighter red glitters, though.

Mystery, Magic & Mood is a Caribbean blue textured polish. This was two coats without top coat. Mystery, Magic & Mood had the least amount of sparkle, but I actually really like the almost completely matte finish. This was also more evenly textured than You're the Legend, which I appreciated.

Next is Chic & Magnifique, a medium purple textured polish with blue micro hex glitters and scattered holo sparkle. This was two coats with top coat. Chic & Magnifique was one of my favorites in this collection. I'm actually wearing it in a full mani. It has a beautiful blue flash from the larger glitters, and it's again an even but pronounced texture. The photos above are actually pretty color accurate, as well, which might be a first for me with purple polishes.

Last but not at all least is Goin' Deluxe, a gold textured polish with tons of gold holographic glitters. This one was my absolute favorite of the collection. The holo glitters were so plentiful that it actually gave me the impression of a textured holo, which basically blew my motherloving mind. It also had a great texture to it, which of course I loved. I can see myself wearing this one a lot.

I mean, come ON!

Overall, I'm really impressed with the Glitter Gravel collection from Dazzle Glaze. It's pretty rare to see a textured indie, and even rarer to see a good textured indie. I loved all the colors in the collection, as well, and the formula on all of them were typical Dazzle Glaze fabulousness. What are your thoughts?

  • Dazzle Glaze is available from Candace here